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itinerary with jr pass

itinerary with JR pass

Is below itinerary is too ambitious? as I want to fully utilize the JR pass.

Day1 5/4/14: Arrive Nagoya 8:20am. Straight to Tokyo
Day2 6/4/14: Tokyo
Day3 7/4/14: Tokyo, sidetrip to Kawagoe
Day4 8/4/14: Fuji Five Lakes> Hiroshima
Day5 9/4914: Hiroshima>Miyajima>Kyoto
Day6 10/4/14: Kyoto, Arashiyama
Day7 11/4/14: sidetrip from kyoto to Kobe>Osaka
Day8 12/4/14: Kyoto
Day9 13/4/14: Kyoto>Kansai airport; depart at 4pm

Please comment/suggest.


Hi there,

Your itinerary works technically but please take note of the following:

1.) Travel from Kawaguchiko to Hiroshima takes about 444 Minutes which is almost 8 hours of non-stop train travel. A better option may be to visit a station to view Fuji from which is directly on the route Tokyo - Hiroshima such as Hakone (Odawara station) or Shizuoka.

2.) On day 7 I'd recommend either going to Osaka or Kobe, both places have enough to keep you busy for weeks and it would be a waste traveling around when you can enjoy either city.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Daniel-san,
Thank you.
Another question,
If I remove Hiroshima from above itinerary, would it still makes JR pass the better option compare to buying individual ticket?
Thanks a lot.


Hi again,

Without Hiroshima I think that it would be better to buy normal tickets as you travel.

Hope this helps too!

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