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itinerary recommended?

Itinerary recommended?

04.11.15-> Arrival at Narita Airport early morning.
04.11.15 11-1700-> Nissin Museum and Shinyokohama ramen museum
05.11.15-> Tokyo Disney Sea
06.11.15 -> Fish Market and Akihabara
07.11.15-> Ghibli Museum and shopping
08.11.15 -> Travel to Kyoto or shoud i go nagoya (nabana no sato)? -
09.11.15 -> if go nagoya first, then head towards kyoto
10.11.15-> Kyoto
11.11.15 -> Osaka
12.11.15-> Universal studio in Osaka
13.11.15 -> Travel to Nara deer park.. KIV travel back to t okyo
14.11.15-> Back tokyo sight seeing and shopping
15.11.15 - Last minute shopping and travel back to sgd

Hi all, my first trip to japan...
wanna seek advice is this itinerary ok? any advice to improve?
Should i go kyoto first or nabana no sato or how shoud i slot in nabano no sato?
Lastly, should i purchase a JR pass?

Thanks alot.


Hi there,

To start with your last question first, I definitely recommend using a 7 day JR Pass for travel from Tokyo - Kyoto/Nagoya/Osaka and back.

You can visit Nagoya either before going to Kyoto or on the way back to Tokyo, because it is directly on the route between these two cities.

The rest of your itinerary looks good, I like the added visit to Nara too!

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