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itinerary questions narita-tokyo-hakone-kyoto

Itinerary questions Narita-Tokyo-Hakone-Kyoto


This site looks very helpful and informative. I am hoping to get some help regarding our trip in February. We arrive in Narita on Friday the 10th at 1pm and go to Tokyo for three days then Hakone for one day then Kyoto for three days then back to Narita. We leave back to Hawaii from Narita on Friday night Feb 17 at 7pm. It seems like the one week pass would be the most economical but is that true based on these routes?

Also due to us arriving on Friday afternoon and returning the following Friday night should we take regular transport to Tokyo from Narita and activate our JR pass on our second day (Sat the 11th) so that it doesn't end on our last day in Kyoto and we would still need to go back to Narita for our flight? Thanks for the help.


Hi there,

Yes, I'd recommend you purchase a single Narita Express + Suica Tokyo Metro card combo deal when you arrive. This will give you ¥1500 travel on the Tokyo metro essentially for free, in addition to the Narita Express journey.

Activating the Japan Rail Pass on day 2 will gave you full transport coverage in Tokyo when combined with the Metro card, and will cover you for your trip to Hakone as far as Odawara. It will also of course cover your costs on the Tokyo>Kyoto and Kyoto>Narita legs.

From Odawara, I recommend purchasing an Odakyu Hakone Freepass, discounted to ¥3900 as it's from Odawara, not Tokyo. This pass will give you free transport up and around the Hakone lakes area.

Hope this helps!

Hope this helps!

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