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itinerary / jr pass enquiry

Itinerary / JR Pass enquiry

Hello there,

I am travelling with my wife to Japan in mid-May.

Our proposed itinerary is as follows:

18-22/5 Tokyo

23/5 Tokyo - Nara

24/5 Nara - Okayama

25/5 Naoshima / Kurashiki

26/5 Kurashiki - Hiroshima

27/5 Hiroshima - Kobe

28/5 Kobe - Nara

29-30/5 Osaka

31/5 Nara - Kanazawa

1/6 Kanazawa - Nagoya

2/6 Nagoya - Hakone

3/6 Hakone - Yokohama

4/6 Yokohama - Tokyo

Would you recommend us to get the 14-day JR Pass?

On another matter my wife is a Japanese citizen who has been a permanent resident in the UK since 1992. We were married last year and have been living together for 6 years. We have immigration letters, marriage certificate, bank/mortgage statements, local council tax forms etc to prove our status. Would you think this should be sufficient proof when exchange the voucher in Japan at a JR Rail office? Is there a particular office that would be better than others in this kind of situation?

Many thanks in advance for your help.


Hi Paul,

Starting with the JR Pass, this is a bit of an easy call but a 14 day JR Pass would work very well with your itinerary. You'll be travelling on a nearly daily basis and good distances as well.

These are the general requirements asked by JR for Japanese Passport holders:

1) You are a Japanese national who has a permanent residency outside Japan: 2 eligibility documents required

Permanent residency
Zairyu syoumeisyo issued by Japanese embassy

2) You are a Japanese national who married to non Japanese national: 3 eligibility documents required

Marriage certificate (If you do not have permanent residency)
Proof that shows you are living in current address outside Japan. e.g Zairyu syoumeisyo or Zaigai senkyo tourokusho issued by Japanese embassy, documentations issued by your current country officials e.g council tax bill, resident registration national insurance etc
Proof that shows your spouse is living current address outside Japan. (If you do not have permanent residency).

Any office should be able to help you but the bigger stations like Narita Airport, Tokyo and such may be able to help you best (as they process the most JR Passes and will have seen situations like these before).

Hope this helps,

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