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itinerary help - am i cramming too much in?

Itinerary Help - am I cramming too much in?

Having doubts about my itinerary as I'm trying to fit everything in, and looking for some input. My schedule so far (travelling this Nov):

Day 1 - Tokyo sleep
Day 2 - Tokyo sleep
Day 3 - Tokyo sleep
Day 4 - Tokyo sleep
Day 5 - Fukuoka sleep
Day 6 - Fukuoka sleep (for the sumo festival)
Day 7 - Hiroshima sleep
Day 8 - Osaka sleep (Kyoto day trip then overnight in Osaka ryokan / onsen)
Day 9 - Tokyo last night

I've been told that Kyoto is a must-do, but having trouble fitting it in. Should I replace one night in Fukuoka with one night in Kyoto, then try to get a day trip.

Our absolute trip places to see are the sumo festival (fukuoka), atomic bomb museum (hiroshima) and maybe Miyajima, Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto, and the onsen in Osaka. Is Nara worth visiting as a day trip or does that take away from my Tokyo time?

Also wondering if the JR rail pass will go to all these places (spending couple days just within Tokyo then buying a 7 day pass). Is there a 2-3 day separate subway pass within Tokyo as well?

Many thanks in advance for any input you can provide!


Hi there,

In terms of travel, I don't think that you are cramming in too much. The only potential issue is see is traveling in one go from Tokyo - Fukuoka, which is about 6 hours. So if you are fine with spending that much time on the train on a single day, then I don't see a problem. What you could do is spend one day less in Tokyo and stay on the 4th in Kyoto. This divides the travel time on a single day to Fukuoka nicely in half and you can to include Kyoto. Nara is worth visiting as a day trip from Kyoto or Osaka but I don't see how to plan it in.

I do advise purchasing a 7 day JR Pass for travel from Tokyo - Fukuoka and back and then use local travel such as the Tokyo metro within Tokyo.

Hope this helps,

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