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itinerary haneda-kyoto-tokyo-haneda

itinerary haneda-kyoto-tokyo-haneda

hi. im sorry but i really need your help.
my friends (5 of us) are planning to travel to japan from 15-23 may 2013.
we arrived at haneda at 15 may, 11.00 pm. and still wondering whether to stay at haneda or straight to tokyo for a night. and we will be leaving 23 may, 11.45pm.

our plan is:
15-16 haneda/tokyo
16-19 kyoto
19-23 tokyo

we plan for side trip to osaka (dotonburi) and yokohama (sea paradise) too, not forgetting going to disneyland.
so i need your help to decide
1. whether to stay at haneda or straight to kyoto. (because we arrived almost midnight and the exchange office would be closed).
2. whether to buy the 7-day rail pass or 14 day pass.

really need your input. thank you so much

ratna irina
ratna irina

Hi there,

In continuation of your last post you won't be able to go to Kyoto on the late evening that you arrive, as trains don't ride during the night.

With your itinerary a 7-Day JR-Pass could be beneficial because it is about the same price as a return Tokyo Kyoto, so basically and additional travel is free. For instance you could use it to visit Yokohama and also Osaka from Kyoto. I would recommend that you start using the pass in the 16th when you head to Kyoto, after that it will be valid until the 22nd so you could use it in Tokyo too for day trips.

Hope this helps,

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hi daniel,

thank you for the fast reply.

i want to ask you more about our itinerary.

15-16 may, we're staying at sakura ikebukuro, and plan to kyoto as earliest possible, after we exchange our JR-Pass at the office. when the earliest train?

16 may. we're staying at aoiso inn, nakamizo-cho, kyoto. first day, we plan to go to Higashiyama district + hanatoro festival. how to go there?

17 may. nishiiki market, gion and dinner at kawadoko.

18 may. we plan for a day trip to osaka. could you suggest the time and the train?

19 may. off to tokyo. but can we make a stop at yokohama for sea paradise. is this a good idea? or are we going back and forth with our luggage? but we also plan to visit the flea market at tokyo in the morning (oedo/hanazono/myohoji)

20 may. shinjuku, harajuku.

21 may. tsukiji fish market, disneyland.

22 may. tokyo imperial palace, ueno.

23 may. shibuya, and off to haneda for our 11.45 flight. is there still train/monorail to haneda around 9.00 pm?

and will the 7-Day JR-Pass enough for this itinerary?

thanks for your help daniel.


ratna irina
ratna irina

Hi Again,

The exchange office @ Tokyo station opens at 7:30 once you have activated your JR-Pass there you can take the earliest train leaving at 7.33 or 8.03.

I looked up your accommodation and it is not far from Kitayama you could probably walk to there within 15minutes by just going north. Or you can take a bus, which is easy too but I would recommend that you ask your host where the closest bus stop is.

When you go from Kyoto to Osaka.
You can take the new rapid express between Kyoto and Osaka. This train takes less than 30 minutes and goes directly to Osaka, it leaves very frequent: about every 10 minutes from Kyoto station.

For Yokohama,
I don't see any problem here, if you have a lot of luggage you can leave it at the station in one of the coin lockers and pick it up once you travel on back to Tokyo.

Going back to Haneda:
Yes this is no problem! Trains still ride every frequent at this hour and you should have no problem getting to Haneda. See Route 1 for reference.

With your return to Kyoto and day trips to Osaka/Yokohama you will be sure to make good use of the JRPass, you can also use it on the way back to the Airport as the Mono rail is covered!

Hope this helps,

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  • can we change at Ikebukuro Station instead?
  • is the JR pass cover the bus fare too?
  • we plan to go to some flea market in the morning at tokyo before going to yokohama, is this effective?
  • when the last train back to kyoto from osaka? because we plan to spend the most time at osaka

thanks much daniel!

ratna irina
ratna irina

Hi Again,

1.) Yes you can activate your JR-Pass at Ikebukuro Station, the station office is open between 9:30-18:00.

2.) Generally local JR-Buses are covered by the JR-Pass but buses by other companies are not.

3.) It takes about 30 minutes to travel from Tokyo to Yokohama, so if you spend the morning in Tokyo you should still have enough time to enjoy Yokohama.

4.) The last train I could find leaves Osaka at 00:25 then the next one is 04:58, this is line is called the JR Special Rapid Service.
. Let me know if you have more questions!

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ah i see

i got lots of question, because this is our first time in japan :D

our flight arrived at 11.00pm
and i've checked that the train and airport limo are already closed around 12pm
can you suggest other transportation for our group?
i've tried to asked the hotel to pick us up, but the fares pretty high, around 27000yen

thanks for helping daniel!

ratna irina
ratna irina

You if you are fast you could take Route 1 this is the last option that you can take from Haneda to Ikebukuro and leaves at 0:10, this will give you 1 hour and 10 minutes for customs and baggage collection. This should be more than enough, the last time that I flew into Haneda it only took 20minutes.

Also don't worry about the transfer @Hamamatsucho, if you miss the connection an other train will leave 6 minutes later!

If for some reason you won't be able to make that train, I think your best option becomes taking a taxi, although I am unsure how much it would cost. Alternatively you could try to find an accommodation near Haneda.

Hope this helps!

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