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itinerary for 2 weeks in japan

Itinerary for 2 weeks in Japan


I recently posted a question about how economical a JRPass would be for our trip to Japan which is actually 2 weeks from April 3-17:

Tokyo - 5 days (includes arrival)
Kyoto - 4 days
Osaka - 4 days
Tokyo - 5 days (includes departure)

Of course we plan to do some sightseeing (shrines, parks, temples) in the city and visit theme parks such as Disney Sea and Universal Studios since it is our first time. We plan to do Mt. Fuji and Hakone as well. However, I was advised that we may not be getting the most out of our JRPasses if we just stay in the City. Could anyone give me some advice on what an ideal itinerary looks like for 2 weeks considering the itinerary we have now? Something that could probably make getting JRPasses worthwhile for 7 or 14 days?





You might for example look at this sample itinerary:

However you could use a 14 day pass with it if you activate it just before leaving Tokyo to head south. For Hakone, you can use a Hakone Free Pass, and for Kamakura, there is a Odakyu Enoshima Kamakura Free Pass. For Nikko, there is a Tobu Nikko Free Pass (or if you can use one day for your JR Pass for it, that would work out fine as well).
While you can save some money taking the Narita Express train on your JR Pass, you could save more using the pass for other long distance travel, and use a cheap 1000 yen bus to go to/from Narita:


Thank you! Will definitely look into this.


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