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itinerary for 17 days/16 nights

Itinerary for 17 days/16 nights

Hello and thanks in advance !!
We will travel on July and will arrive on July 15th at night in Narita Tokyo.
So starting on 16th-
-->16-19/7 with a sidetrip on Nikko or Kamakura the last day and activate JR PASS on the 19th (is it enough though for Tokyo? and should we pick Nikko?)- -->20/7 Takayama (we would like to see Shirakawa-go on the same day if possible) -->21/7 If possible check Kanazawa and leave the same day for Osaka (Is the trip from Takayama to Kanazawa covered by JR PASS) -->22/7 Osaka full day --> 23/7 Day trip to Mount Koya (we cant stay at night there due to budget travel) --> 24-27/7 Kyoto with a side trip to Nara -->28/7 Full day on Hiroshima and miyajima -->29-30/7 2 days for Nagasaki (we would like to check something else if possible as well) -->31/7 Stop at Himeji Castle and sleep in Tokyo --> Depart from Narita late at night (tokyo narita covered with jrpass -14th day)

AS i see it we need the 14th day Jrpass .
We are not so sure about The Nagasaki part but we want to go in Kyushuu so much !!!
Please give us any other ideas or correct the itinerary with your ideas!!


Hi there,

I think that you already have made a great plan and it works well with the JR Pass. Some parts may be a bit busy though, think of Takayama and Shirakawago in the same day. Both deserve at least half a day but add in travel and there would not be a lot of time to enjoy either.

Travel to Nagasaki is also quite long but staying there for two nights is a great idea. Then on the way back Himeji is a very good idea.

Considering the budget you could also visit Hikone instead of Koya-san. The JR Pass covers the full route there its a very beautiful town.

Hope this helps,

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