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itinerary check for 7 days tokyo - fuji - osaka - kyoto - nara

Itinerary Check for 7 days Tokyo - Fuji - Osaka - Kyoto - Nara

Hi! I need your opinion about my family's itinerary for our trip to Tokyo - Kawaguchiko - Osaka - Kyoto - Nara - Tokyo for 7 days. We arrive in Tokyo on March 18 and leave Japan on March 24.

March 18 & 19 - Tokyo
March 20, we leave for an overnight stay in the Kawaguchiko area.
March 21, we leave for Osaka. We'll be staying there for 2 nights. The first day will be spent touring Osaka.
March 22, day tour in both Kyoto & Nara (Will this be enough and doable?)
March 23 - Go back to Tokyo
March 24 - Leave Japan

Question, is it advisable to have an overnight stay in Kawaguchiko area to view Mt. Fuji up close before resuming the trip to Osaka or it's okay to take a day trip to Fuji and go back to Tokyo before going to Osaka? We'll be using a 7-day JRPass for the whole trip.

Thank you!!


Hi there,

Traveling from Kawaguchiko to Osaka is quite a long route, mainly because there is one fat mountain in the way (Fuji-san). Personally I would return to Tokyo and travel on the following day to Osaka. Kawaguchi-ko makes for a great day trip though.

For more information on Fuji see:

Hope this helps,

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