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itinerary check for 21 days in japan (first time!!)

Itinerary Check for 21 days in Japan (First Time!!)

My friends and I (5 of us) are going to Japan summer of 2014 and this is our rough itinerary so far. Although we want to experience the history and culture of Japan, we also really like big cities, hence our stay in Tokyo will be quite long.
This is the itinerary:
Day 1-7: Tokyo
Day 8: Fuji-Q Highland (sleep in tokyo)
Day 9: Nagoya and head for Kyoto (sleep in kyoto)
Day 10: Kyoto
Day 11: Uji and Nara and head to Mt Koya (sleep in Mt Koya)
Day 12: Osaka(sleep in Osaka)
Day 13: Universal Studios
Day 14: Hiroshima(sleep in Hiroshima)
Day 15: Onomichi for biking (sleep in Hiroshima)
Day 16: Yufuin and then to head to Nagasaki (sleep in Nagasaki)
Day 17: Fukuoka
Day 18: Fukuoka (head back to tokyo overnight)
Day 19-21: Tokyo, then off to the airport

It would be great to get some feedback on our itinerary, we would really appreciate it.

In addition, we are planning on getting the 14 day JR rail pass and was wondering if it will be worth it?


Edit: Tokyo includes side trips as well


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