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itinerary check and others

Itinerary check and others


I refer to my previous messages.

Please confirm if we activate our JR passes on Mar 25, the last day of the 7-day passes should be on Mar 31 (not Apr 1).

Would you also advise the most cost effective and the most efficient way to get to the Akasaka area from the Narita airport (as we can't use our JR Passes) on Mar 20; and back to the airport from Meguro-ku on Apr 4?

We were not able to book any hotels in Kyoto and have ended up getting a hotel in Osaka for 4 nights instead. Do you have any suggestions on the itinerary as there will be quite a bit of train rides to take between Osaka and Kyoto?

Mar 20 to 24 Tokyo
Mar 25 to 28 Kyoto/Osaka (have to stay in Osaka)
Mar 29 to 30 Hiroshima
Mar 31 to Apr 3 Tokyo

If I order our JR passes on-line, how long will it take for them to arrive in Canada pls?

Spending 14 full days in Japan, how much yens would you recommend us to bring for this trip?

Many thanks!


You are correct - if you activate the pass on Mar. 25th, the last say to use it would be at the end of Mar. 31st. A day of usage starts and ends at midnight - so if you activated your pass at 6PM, your first "day" would just be 6 hours.

Unfortunately due to cherry blossom season, many places in Kyoto fill up quickly (or are very pricey). But it is only about 30 minutes by train from Osaka to Kyoto (or less by bullet train, but then you'd have to go to Shin-Osaka to catch it). There is very little between the cities worth seeing however. But be sure you make time to see Nara as well - it is very much worth it.

Regarding getting the voucher, it depends on where in Canada and other factors of course. But typically within 5-7 days. Make sure the address is not just a P.O. box or somewhere; normally a signature is required upon delivery for FedEx type of deliveries.
About how much to spend; there is a lot of variation on personal taste. You can easily see and enjoy Japan on a budget, or splurge if you wish to. You can eat quite decently for JPY2000 (about $20) for lunch and dinner per day per person. Souvenirs can be a few dollars each to the sky is the limit. If you'd like to see one restaurant guide, see:

But honestly I would not spend too much time looking around for a restaurant, unless it's really someplace special you want to try. Save your time for the best sightseeing places. There are restaurants virtually everywhere and they are almost always tasty and clean.

The other major factor which you didn't mention is transport, not to mention where you will go. If within the same city, if you travel a lot, you can get a day pass in many places for $5-10 or so, at most. Or get a 3 day Tokyo subway pass for 1500 yen if bought outside the city.

Kyoto has a bus day pass, but given that you will be in the city at the height of a busy tourist season, taking the subway as much as possible may be wiser. For Kyoto travel, you might have a look here:

For other helpful info, see:

For Kansai:

I hope your trip is spectacular!


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