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itinerary check 12 days japan

Itinerary Check 12 days Japan

A big hello to you,

I need to ask for your advise if I need the 7 days JR Pass for this plan itinerary

1) 24 Feb 2016: Arriving Haneda airport and go to Ageo Saitama
2) 25 Feb 2016: Ageo to Kiso Valley ( activate 7 days JR Pass)
3) 26 Feb 2016: Ageo to Yokohama
4) 27 Feb 2016: Ageo to Osaka
5) 28 Feb 2016: Osaka to Ageo
6) 29 Feb 2016: Ageo to Mt Fuji
7) 1 March 2016: Ageo to Nikko
8) 2 March 2016: Tokyo day trip ( last day to use 7 day JR pass)
9) 3 March- 6 March 2016: Stay in Tokyo

Thank you,



Hi Jeff just wondering what transportation you're going to get from Haneda airport to ageo saitama?if you're not activating your JR pass on the day you arrive


Thanks for the response Sheez,

Upon arrival I will pay for normal ticket from Haneda to Ageo late evening ( Train stops at 12am. If my arrival is too late, I may be force to stay at the airport until morning).

To my understanding, it is better to use the JR Pass when you start to travel long distance( meaning outside of Tokyo).


To clarify,

3 March- 6 March 2016: Ageo- Tokyo area

On these 4 days, I will be using the Tokyo Tour Ticket


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