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itinerary check

Itinerary check

Hello, my friend and I are visiting Japan and here's our proposed itinerary :

Day 1 (19 nov) – Nagoya airport to airbnb apartment in Osaka (nearest station is Osaka), at night we plan to just walk around Umeda and areas nearby where we stay

Day 2 (20 nov) – Hiroshima and Miyajima

Day 3 (21 nov) – Kiyomizu, Nikishi market, gion and ninenzaka

Day 4 (22 nov) – Arashiyama / sagano and Nikishi market

Day 5 (23 nov) – Himeji castle and sightseeing / shopping in Osaka

Day 6 (24 nov) – Golden Pavilion and sightseeing / shopping in Osaka

Day 7 (25 nov) – Nara and Fushimi Inari

Day 8 (26 Nov) – Osaka to Nagoya hotel

Day 9 (27 Nov) – Nagoya

Day 10 (28 Nov) – Nagoya airport

We have read up and thinking of buying the kansai-hiroshima pass (5 days) to be used on Day 2 to 6 of our trip. For Day 7, we will just buy normal tickets. For the trip from Nagoya airport to Osaka on Day 1 and vice versa on Day 8, we are thinking whether should we buy the expensive train option using the Nozomi which will cost more than 7,000 yen per trip. Is this the best option for our trip?

Would appreciate if anyone could review and advise alternative. We are also open to switching itinerary to suit.

Thank you.


Hello there,

Personally I would go for the 7 day JR Pass, both because you get 7 days of unlimited travel at you can at least cover one way from Nagoya to Kansai, then you would only have to travel one way Kyoto - Nagoya. You could either use the Shinkansen for this or local trains if you want to save money.

I think you also have included a nice amount of variety by visiting, Hiroshima, Nara, and Himeji. This is a nice change from the bigger cities as Nagoya and Osaka. Kyoto is a bit of both.

Hope this helps!

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Hello Daniel san

Thank you very much for your reply.

Will take that suggestion into consideration.

Cheers! :)


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