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itinerary check

itinerary check

Daniel San

Could you please check the following itinerary and give me your thoughts

Day 1. Narita-Tokyo. Arriving to Japan. Night in Tokyo
Day 2. Tokyo-Nikko-Tokyo. Night in Tokyo
Day 3. Tokyo-Kawagashiko (via Otsuki). Night in Kawagashiko
Day 4. Kawagashiko-Hakone. Night in Hakone
Day 5. Hakone-Nagoya. Night in Nagoya
Day 6. Nagoya-Takayama. Night in Takayama
Day 7. Day in Takayama. Night in Takayama
Day 8. Takayama-Kanazawa. Night in Kanazawa
Day 9. Day in Kanazawa. Night in Kanazawa
Day 10. Kanazawa-Kyoto. Night in Kyoto
Day 11. Day in Kyoto. Night in Kyoto
Day 12. Kyoto-Nara. Night in Kyoto
Day 13. Kyoto Osaka. Night in Kyoto
Day 14. Kyoto- Himeji- Hiroshima. Night in Hiroshima
Day 15. Hiroshima-Miyajima (in the afternoon). Night in Miyajima
Day 16. Miyajima-Tokyo. Night in Tokyo
Day 17. Day in Tokyo. Night in Tokyo
Day 18. Day in Tokyo. Night in Tokyo
Day 19. Tokyo.Narita. Return home

Thank you

Hi Gonzo,

To me this looks like a well packed and fun itinerary. You will be travelling a lot and therefore I recommend using a 21 day JR pass, even if you will be travelling for just 19 days.

The route looks good and there is no back tracking or other parts that do not make sense. Is there any specific part you'd like feedback on?

Hope this helps,

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