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itinerary check - 21 days

Itinerary check - 21 days

Hi there

I am travelling to Japan in June/July with my partner for 3 weeks.

I have put together a skeletal itinerary and would appreciate any feedback that you may have. This is the first time we have travelled to Japan and want to ensure we utilise the time that we have.

Day 1 - Arrive at Narita

Day 2 - Tokyo - spend the day in Shinjuku

Day 3 - Tokyo - spend the day in Shinjuku

Day 4 - Tokyo - spend the day in Shibuya

Day 5 - Tokyo - spend the day in Ginza

Day 6 - Tokyo - day trip to Yokohama Bay

Day 7 - Tokyo - spend the day in Minato

Day 8 - Tokyo - day trip to Mount Fuji

Day 9 - Kyoto

Day 10 - Kyoto - day trip to Nara

Day 11 - Kyoto

Day 12 - Kyoto

Day 13 - Osaka

Day 14 - Osaka - day trip to Himeji Castle

Day 15 - Osaka - day trip to Kobe

Day 16- Osaka

Day 17 - Nagoya? (not sure)

Day 18 - Nagoya? (not sure)

Day 19 - Tokyo

Day 20 - Tokyo - day trip to DisneySea

Day 21 - Tokyo

Day 22 - Depart Narita

In terms of the JR pass, do you suggest a 14 or a 21 day pass? Also, when travelling within Tokyo, am I able to use the JR pass?

Thank you so much in advance.


Hello Catie,

Looking at your itinerary as it is, I think going for a 14 day JR Pass would be the best option. While travel within Tokyo is included to many places, it simply does not cost a lot to travel within the Metropolis.

I also suggest visiting Hiroshima instead of Nagoya. There is a lot of great stuff to see and do around Hiroshima, including the iconic Miyajima.

Nagoya is very much a business city but not that great for tourism.

Lastly, I also recommend a day trip from Tokyo to Nikko.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Daniel

Thank you so much for your response. It was very helpful.

I have removed Nagoya and added Hiroshima. Can I use the JR Pass to commute there?

Also, how long after I order a JR pass should I expect to receive it in the mail?



Hi Catie,

Yes, the JR Pass covers the route the Hiroshima. You can even use the Shinkansen there.

Delivery is very quick:

Do keep in mind that the JR Pass has to be activated within 90 days after purchase.

Hope this helps too!

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Thank you Daniel. You have been very helpful :)

Are you able to tell me one more thing, (just yes or no answers), can I use the JR pass from:

Tokyo > Yokohama Bay
Tokyo > Mt Fuji
Osaka > Nara
Osaka > Himeji Castle
Osaka > Kobe
Tokyo > DisneySea
Tokyo > Nikko
Tokyo > Kyoto
Kyoto > Osaka

Many thanks!


Hi Cat,

All are covered with the only possible expectation of Fuji-san.


For details!

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