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itinerary advice please

Itinerary advice please


I'm thinking about this itinerary. Is it worth buying the JR pass? Should I add/drop anything?
Keep in mind that this is my second trip. I have

Day 1 Tokyo: parasite museum, eat shabu shabu, go to onsen, sleep in capsule
Dag 2: Tsujiki fish market, cooking class, meeting with friend, karaoke, try another capsule
Day 3: daytrip to Ito Island (Iza peninsula), return to Tokyo or travel on to Nagayoma (can you travel on or do I need to return to Tokyo?)
Day 4: Nagayoma, go to Nagoya (is this possible?)
Day 5: Inuyama, return to Nagoya or travel on to Takayama (is this possible?)
Day 6: travel to Takayama, stay in zenko-ji temple if possible
Day 7: travel to Matsumoto (is this possible, not sure that I want to go there yet), stay there or go to Kyoto (possible?)
Day 8: Kyoto: gion, philosophers path, karaoke!, capsule ryokan
Day 9: Himeji castle, return to Kyoto for Gion matsuri

Then return to home. I still have to figure out where to in/fly out of Japan depending on ticket prices and smart use of the JR pass. Reversing the route (ending in Tokyo and starting in Kyoto) is also an option.

Is there also a sleeper train? How much are the costs (covered by JR pass)? Would this be handy for this trip. It would save me the cost of accomodation.

Thanks for your advice!

Hello there,

This looks like a very well researched itinerary and most works out very well.

Assuming you mean Nagayama, you can travel there after Izu without too much trouble. It is also easy to travel on to Nagoya. The same also applies to Inuyama and Takayama, they are all easily accessed from Nagoya. Going on the same applies to basically all in your itinerary. Personally I think Matsumoto is a great visit if you love hiking and see some of the Japanese inland nature. If you want to see more cultural things, go to Kyoto.

The JR Pass will cover travel all over Japan and you could just book a return flight to one place (this is generally cheaper), otherwise the order does not really make much of a difference.

There is a sleeper train between Tokyo - Osaka, you could look at using that one. However keep in mind that it can sell out days in advance, so it's important to secure seats the moment you arrive in Japan.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Daniel-San,

Thank you very much! Is the sleeper covered by the JR pass?
For the itinerary is JR pass the best option or should I go for regional passes?
Is it possible to make a reservation for the sleeper train from outside of Japan?
Is it a good experience or not really something you have to try?

I think I will skip Matsumoto and go for an onsen day with ryokan experience in Kinosaki.


Hi again!

Yes the Sunrise is covered by the JR Pass. Unfortunately reservations can only be made within Japan. I really enjoyed the experience and would recommend it, if you can get on board.

There is not regional pass which would cover all of the routes you wish to travel, so the JR Pass makes for the best option.

Have a great trip!

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