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itinerary (3 weeks) & railpass question

Itinerary (3 weeks) & railpass question


We are travelling to Japan for the first time in May, for 3 weeks. Could you please check our itinerary and let us know a) is this a nice route? b) Would a 14-day JRpass cover this route?

4 nights Tokio
2 nights Takayama
1 night Kanazawa (I believe we can take a bus from Takayama, or also a train?)
3 nights in Kyoto with maybe a daytrip to the monkeypark Arashima
2 nights Hiroshima
2 nights Okayama including a daytrip to Naoshima island
2 nights Osaka including a daytrip to Nara
2 nights in Wakayama incl a daytrip to Koyasan hiking trail
1 night Hakone or 5 lakes Mt Fuji
3 nights Tokyo

I have a feeling this is quote a busy schedule, and maybe we should either skip Okayama, Wakayama or Hakone/5 lakes. What's your opinion, if we should skip one, which is the least interesting?

And would a 14 day railpass cover this route?

Thank you in advance!

Serra and Niels


Hello Serra and Niels,

I think the route looks good, by spending at least 2 nights in each place you have at least 1 full day to explore. Okayama city itself may not be that interesting but there are very nice sightseeing places around and I would not want to miss the trip to Naoshima.

You could perhaps spend 1 night less in Wakayama and travel there as a day trip from Osaka.

The JR Pass covers most of your travel, including the train from Takayama to Kanazawa. You may however still need local travel for instance within Hakone and to Koya-san.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you Daniel, that sure helps.

One more question: is it recommendable to reserve traintickets in advance?

Kind regards,
Niels and Serra


Hi again!

While not required, I would recommend reserving seats in advance. Even if it is just 20min before departure. This way you are sure of seating.

Kind regards,

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Thank you.

I send you the same questions this morning (wan't sure if they got through yesterday), so you can ignore that.



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