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is this the best way to do our 7 day trip?

Is this the best way to do our 7 day trip?

Hi there,

We have worked out an itinerary with a 7 day rail pass and want to check if this is the best way round of doing it.

days 1-3 explore Tokyo
day 4 travel to migome and stay the night there
day 5 transfer luggage and walk to tsumago. Head to Kyoto for the night.
day 6 explore Kyoto
day 7 explore Kyoto
day 8 head to naoshima island and spend the night
day 9 explore naoshima island then head to Hiroshima for the night
day 10 explore Hiroshima then head back to Tokyo
day 11 explore Tokyo

Many thanks


Hi there,

I think your itinerary looks good, there is no unnecessary travel. Travelling back from Hiroshima - Tokyo in one go is quite a long trip. It may be nice to book a stop over somewhere to break up your travel. For instance you could add in a visit to Himeji, the castle is one of the best in Japan and was recently renovated.

Hope this helps,

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