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is this possible for this itinerary in 2 weeks?

Is this possible for this Itinerary in 2 weeks?

Hi everyone,

I plan to travel solo to Japan first time on April for 2 weeks. I didn't decide the dates yet since I haven't finalized the itinerary. I want to see cherry blossom everywhere in Japan and Kawachi Fuji Garden in Kokura. Is April 10 to April 24 a good time?
Here is my temporary itinerary:

Date 1: Arrive and spend the night in Tokyo
Date 2: Tokyo - Aomori (3.5 hours) - Tokyo (3.5 hours)
Date 3: Tokyo - Takayama (4.5 hours)
Date 4: Takayama - Kyoto (3.5 hours)
Date 5: Kyoto - Nara (skip?) - Kyoto
Date 6: Kyoto - Mount Koya (3 hours)
Date 7: Mount Koya - Osaka
Date 8: Osaka - Hiroshima (2 hours) - Myajima (40 minutes)
Date 9: Miyajima - Kokura
Date 10: Kokura - Himeji (skip?)- Return to Tokyo (4 hours)
Date 11: Tokyo - Nikko (skip?)
Date 12: Tokyo - Kamakura

There are 2 days left. Should I spend more time in one of the cities above or explore another one? Should I use the 7 or 14-days JR Pass?

Thank you.


Hi there,

To be fair, 10 to April 24 is already a bit late to view the Sakura. Especially if you travel south. The last couple of years, it has been around the end of March and start of April that the Sakura was at its best in Kansai and a couple days later in Tokyo. This is of course weather depended. The higher you go, the later the Sakura can be viewed.

I also see that you will do quite a lot of travel in General, you even have looked at travel times already. While this all works, the question is how much time you wish to spend traveling, instead of sat sightseeing. Making crazy trips like this myself, I can say that it is really nice to at least spend a full day (2nights) in the bigger places.

Definitely go for the 14 day JR Pass with so much travel, I would even consider buying a Green Class.

Hope this helps,

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