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is this feasible

is this feasible

7 nights Tokyo, based 15 mins walk from Mita station.
6 nights Osaka, based 4 mins walk from Esaka station

3 day Tokyo metro pass, Platt Kodama, 2Day osaka pass, 5 day JR Kansai-Hiroshima pass, Suica, Icoca ~SGD 499

Day 1 Land in Haneda - @10am
Grocery shopping at peacock super market. Explore nearby area before check-in.

Day 2 Hakone
3 hr travelling there
6 hr exploring Sights
3 hr onsen theme park
2 hr mall
3 hr travelling back

Day 3 Asakusa & Sumida
1.5 hr Senso-ji, Shin-Nakamise
2 hr Hanayashiki Themepark
2 hr Rox, Matsuya,Tobu
1 hr lunch Naritaya
4 hr Sumida park, skytree
1 hr dinner ippin @Asakusa

Day 4 Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Shibuya, Harajuku
Shinjuku koen, laox, takashimaya, JR tokai tours
Ikebukuro Pokemon center, sunshine city
Shibuya Meiji Jingu
Harajuku daiso, closet child, solado, forever21, Tower Records Tokyo Camii

Day 5 Akihabara, Tsukiji, Ginza, Nihonbashi, kudanshita marunoichi
Akihabara Laox, Fukuro no Mise
Kudanshita budokan
Ginza kabukiza

Day 6 ueno, kiyosumi , shirakawa

Day 7 Day trip to Hamamatsu, Shizuoka prefecture
Travel buddy wanna visit her penpal
Department store, unagi restaurant, castle, beach
Any other suggestions?

Day 8 Flight to Osaka at noon, arrive in Osaka at 1pm
Based near esaka station.

Day 9 miyajima island, Hiroshima, kure

Day 10 Fushimi Inari and Nara park

Day 11 USJ

Day 12 Osaka

Day 13 Kyoto
Chion-in, art museum, Kyoto imperial palace tour, nijo castle

Day 14
2.30 pm fly to Tokyo

4.30 pm fly home

Any input is sincerely appreciated. Thanks.


Hi there,

The itinerary looks certainly viable and very detailed. This may sounds strange at first but I also recommend leaving some spots open, you always find new places to visit during your stay in Japan and having some flexibility is great.

Looking over your itinerary, I already find it hard to add more places as everything already looks well packed.

have a great trip!

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