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is there something like a seishun18 for october?

Is there something like a Seishun18 for October?

We are planning to travel from Hiroshima on Oct 11. Our itinerary:
Oct 11 Hiroshima-Miyajima
Oct 12 Miyajima - Naoshima

Oct 13 Naoshima - Nara
Oct 14 Nara - Matsumoto

Oct 15 Matsumoto - Alpine Route
Oct 18 Takayama - Kyoto or Osaka (might do by bus) *
Oct 20 Fly to China from Osaka

I think we might have only 4 or 5 days on JR routes. Is it worth getting a 7-day pass?
I read about an October 'Railway Day' pass somewhere: Tetsudō-no-hi Kinen JR Zensen Norihōdai Kippu

Grateful for your advice!


Hi Karlin!

Well yes, there is. I think that you may already have read about that ticket but it is available from October 1-15. So you could possibly save some money with it, it is however only valid on local trains so you may want to plan carefully and be ready for some very long train rides.

I do think that a 7 JR Pass would pay of if you used it from Oct 12 - Oct 18. You would already make savings with the following travel:

Naoshima (via Uno) - Nara ¥ 8,100
Nara Matsumoto - ¥ 10,610
Takayama - Osaka ¥ 10,610

For a total of ¥ 29,320 - The 7 day JR Pass is 28,300 and would also cover the Ferry from Miyajima and part of the travel to and from the Alpine route.

I hope this helps!

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Thank you Daniel. That is very helpful!
We're leaving in 3 days, so we may have to find an agency in Europe to sell the pass, but I think I know how to do that.


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