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is the jr pass worth it for my itinerary?

Is the JR Pass worth it for my itinerary?

Hi All,

I've planned my itinerary and have booked my accommodation for my upcoming holiday in April/May 2016. I will be arriving in Tokyo on 16/04/2016, and departing on 05/05/2016 from Kansai Airport.

I am having trouble calculating whether the 14 day JR PASS is worth it. If yes, should I get the green or ordinary pass?

Transport from Hakone > Kawaguchiko, and Kawaguchiko > Kyoto seems a bit complicated, so I have decided to use the Fuji Hakone Pass, as it will cover the Fujikyu bus. Please advise if there is a better way to travel as my current plan is:

Hakone > Kawaguchiko - Bus from Gotemba station to Kawaguchiko
Kawaguchiko > Mishima station (by bus) --> Mishima station > Kyoto

I will be activating the JR Pass on Day 9.

16/04/2016 – Day 1 Arrive in Tokyo (around 7pm)
Day 2 Tokyo
Day 3 Tokyo
Day 4 Tokyo
Day 5 Tokyo
Day 6 Tokyo
Day 7 Hakone loop > Kawaguchiko
Day 8 Kawaguchiko
Day 9 Kyoto
Day 10 Kyoto
Day 11 Kyoto
Day 12 Nara [day trip]
Day 13 Kyoto
Day 14 Kanazawa
Day 15 Kanazawa
Day 16 Osaka
Day 17 Hiroshima/Miyajima [day trip]
Day 18 Osaka
4/05/2016 – Day 19 Leave Osaka from KANSAI Airport

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!



Hello Mai,

While small you can make interesting savings using the JR Pass. For the route from you travel, the ticket cost is approximately 50,090 JPY all together. While the cost of a 14 day JR Pass is 46,390. The JR Pass also covers local travel in many events, such as the ferry to Miyajima, adding even more.

I do think that ordinary would work fine on this route.

Hope this helps,

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