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is the 14 day jr pass worth it?

Is the 14 day JR Pass worth it?

Hi there,

I am travelling to Japan in August 2015. My itinerary is as follows:

Aug. 7 - Narita Airport to Tokyo, stay 4 nights in Tokyo including a round trip to Yokohama
Aug. 10 - Tokyo to Hakone
Aug. 11 - Hakone to Nagoya
Aug. 12 - Nagoya to Kyoto, stay 4 nights in Kyoto including a round trip to Nara
Aug. 17 - Kyoto to Osaka, stay 3 nights including round trip to Kobe
Aug. 20 - Osaka to Kansai Airport

Using Hyperdia I calculated the travel on JR lines to be 17090 JPY. Even with the use of JR in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka, it seems like the 14 day pass would not be worth it. Just wanted to confirm if my calculations are correct?


Hello there,

You are correct, for this itinerary it is better to purchase normal tickets as you travel.

Don't have to add much else, as it all looks good :)

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As you said, a Pass would not pay off. Not even a 7 day. But depending on your travel you might be able to save some money using one of the regional JR passes, like the JR Kansai Area Pass.


Thank you both for your responses! I did not think about the regional passes, will look into that.


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