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is it worth it to get jr pass for two weeks?

Is it worth it to get JR pass for two weeks?

There are three of us traveling to Japan for the first time. We could get the one week pass or the two week pass. If we get the one week, we'll activate it at the Fuji station and get back to Tokyo (at the end) without it.

Thoughts? Recommendations? Suggestions for where to stay in the Alps?

Here is our possible itinerary for two weeks in July (travel included):

18th Arrive in Tokyo (late)
19th Tokyo
20th Tokyo to Mnt. Fuji
21st Climb Mnt. Fuji
22nd Mnt. Fuji to Kyoto
23rd Kyoto
24th Kyoto
25th Kyoto to Hiroshima via Osaka
26th Hiroshima
27th Hiroshima to Japanese Alps (specific location TBD)
28th Japanese Alps
29th Japanese Alps to Tokyo
30th Tokyo
31st Leave Tokyo




Hi Michael,

The 14 day JR Pass would be the better option for your trip. Simply because 22nd - 29th is counted as an 8 day period and you will do most of your travel here.

Also keep in mind that you cant exchange the JR Pass at Fuji! Here is a list with exchange stations. However this should not be a problem at all, as with a 14 day JR Pass you will want to start using it even before going to Fuji.

For the Japanese Alps, I recommend visiting Kanazawa and Takayama.

Hope this helps,

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