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is it worth it to buy a 14 day pass?

Is it worth it to buy a 14 day pass?


I am actually in Nagoya already today with 1 friend and going to Kanazawa for business later today 9/17. I did not buy a JR rail pass ahead of time but I see that there is 3 day delivery to hotels in Japan. i want to use the 14 day pass starting this Saturday 9/22 until I leave from Tokyo on 10/5.

I cannot tell if it is worth it to buy individual trips or to get the 14 day pass. There are different prices listed on Hyperdia, I tried to pick the unreserved seats.

Sat 9/22 Kanazawa to Iwakuni (visiting relatives): 5.5 hours 15,760 yen
Sun 9/23 Iwakuni to Hiroshima: 50 min, 760 yen
Sun 9/23 Hiroshima back to Kanazawa: 4 hours, 9350 yen.
I am thinking of touring the areas around Kanazawa locally during the week.
Sat 9/29 Kanazawa to Tokyo: 3 hours and 47 min, 9350 yen, spend 1 week in Tokyo
10/5 fly out of Tokyo Haneda airport (local train?)

I am thinking of getting a 1 week Tokyo Metro pass while in Tokyo.

By my calculations for two adults it came out to be about $900 to buy the tickets individually, vs $1169 for the rail pass. I did not calculate the JR bus fare to tour in Kanazawa but I don't think it should add up to more than $200?

Maybe it is not worth buying the pass, and I just wanted to get confirmation.


Hi there!

Welcome to Japan :)

I'm afraid the JR Pass is not available for purchase inside Japan so I don't think we'll be able to help you with your rail pass. I'm so sorry we cannot help you more!

Here is the price breakdown of your trip for reference:

  1. Kanazawa > Iwakuni: ¥15,460 (332mins, 646km)
  2. Iwakuni > Hiroshima: ¥740 (51mins, 41km)
  3. Hiroshima > Kanazawa: ¥15,250 (274mins, 605km)
  4. Kanazawa > Tokyo: ¥12,710 (247mins, 460km)

JR ticket cost: ¥44,160 for 4 legs

In future if you did decide to do this itinerary I think it would strictly only make sense for you to do this within a 7 day period rather than 14 day. However, as the 14 day pass is ¥45,100, you may find that paying the extra ¥940 would make the added flexibility of the 14 day JR Pass worthwhile. You are also able to use the JR Pass within Tokyo on all JR lines within the city.

Please note that the prices I calculate above are estimates and may vary depending on your time of travel.

Hope this helps!

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