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is it worth getting a jr pass or not?

Is it worth getting a JR pass or not?

I am planning a 14-day trip as follows: Osaka-Kyodo-Takayama-Kamikochi resort-Matsumoto-Narai Juku-Osaka. I realize that I will have to take buses between Takayama and Matsumoto.

Is it worth getting a 14-day JR pass or would I be better off just paying the regular fares?

Is there a regional rail pass that would be good for this trip?

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Hello Paul,

For this itinerary I think its better to buy normal tickets as you travel. As you know, some travel is done by bus and companies other than JR, additionally all train fares together don't add up enough to a point where you could making saving with the JR Pass.

As for other passes, I don't think that there's really a pass that directly is suited for your itinerary. You could look at a Hokuriku pass for travel to Takayama from Kyoto via Kanazawa and Shikarawago. It's a nice trip to make but does take more time.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks for your prompt and informative reply. I came to the same conclusions, but it was nice to have them confirmed by someone who knows a lot more about travel in Japan than I do.

You q and a service is very helpful.



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