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is it worth buying a 7 day pass?

Is it worth buying a 7 day Pass?


My girlfriend and I will be visiting Japan at the start of April for 10 days. I wonder whether it would be worth us getting a 7 day rail pass each?

Our planned trips:

  • Tokyo to Lake Kawaguchiko
  • Lake Kawaguchiko to Kyoto
  • Kyoto to Shin-Osaka
  • Shin-Osaka to Tokyo

I have looked online for ticket prices but these are quite confusing. It appears that we will need to use non JR travel to get to Lake Kawaguchiko too. I have not included travel to and from the airport as we want to have a few days either side to stay in Tokyo. Therefore we plan to get a rail pass (if it's worth it) in the middle 7 days of our trip.



Hi there,

For a 7 day rail pass to be worth it you'll need to spend over ¥28,300 on separate tickets. Lets take a look at the base ticket costs of your trip:

  1. Tokyo > Otsuki: ¥2660, (86mins, 87km)
  2. Otsuki > Kyoto: ¥14250, (250mins, 561km)
  3. Kyoto > Shin-osaka: ¥540, (24mins, 39km)
  4. Shin-osaka > Tokyo: ¥13550, (177mins, 552km)

TOTAL: ¥31000 for 4 legs

Based on these ticket prices, it will be worth it for you to use a 7 day rail pass, making a total saving of ¥2700. In addition you have flexibility to do day trips while you are around Kyoto or Osaka.

From Otsuki you will need to use the Fujikyuko railway up to Kawaguchiko. This should take around 50mins and will cost around ¥1100. Here's more information from JR on how to get there.

Hope this helps!

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