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is it wise to use jr pass for osaka-hokkaido-tokyo

Is it wise to use JR Pass for Osaka-Hokkaido-Tokyo

I am planning this itinerary:
Osaka -4 days
Hokkaido- 2 or 3 days
Tokyo - 4 days

My dilemma is whether to take train to Hokkaido or get an airline which saves us some travel time.
Family of four is travelling Dec 3rd- arrive evening Osaka and Dec14th return at noon.
Any thoughts?
Thank you!


Hello there,

Personally I am biased to train travel. Shinkansen travel in Japan is so amazing, its fast, convenient and easy. With the JR Pass you don't have to worry about budget (outside of the one time purchase) and its an experience that you can't find easily elsewhere. That said, it is quite a trip from Osaka - Hokkaido, especially if you want to go up to Sapporo or even more north. Going from Osaka - Hakodate could be okay to do on a single day. You could then stay there a night before travelling on to Sapporo. I do think flying would be the better option if you just want to visit Sapporo.

It may also depend on your family, for instance the Shinkansen trains from Tokyo - Hokkaido are the fastest in Japan and for some kids this may be super cool.

Those are my thoughts, I hope they help in planning your trip.

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