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is a pass worthwhile?

Is a pass worthwhile?

I'm arriving in Tokyo Haneda on Nov.2 and need to get to my hotel in Nishikasai. Do you think subway or limousine bus is better?

I'm travelling to Kyoto on Nov.6 and will be there 3 days, then I'm staying in Kawazu 2 days followed by Shimoda 2 days and then back to Tokyo for 3 days. It doesn't look as if the JR pass would help me for the days I am in Kawzu/Shimoda and a 7 day pass wouldn't cover both my trips to and from Tokyo.

So my questions are:
1. Would the 7 day pass be worthwhile for that middle portion of the trip?
2. If not is there another pass that covers the areas I am going to?
3. When I travel around Tokyo what is the best pass to use?

Thank you in advance.


Hello there,

For access to your hotel, a limousine bus would be easier if it stops right in front.

1.) A JR Pass would be helpful I think. While some travel is not included within the Izu-peninsula. This is a relatively small part of your trip. The JR Pass is valid up to Ito station in the Izu peninsula. A one-way ticket Ito - Kawazu is ¥ 1,370.

2.) It is also possible to buy a 3-day IZU Dream Pass as a companion to your JR Pass.

3.) That all depends on where in Tokyo you need to be :) In general, I would advise looking at day tickets for the JR or the Tokyo Metro. Or just use a Suica card and don't think too much about local fares.

Hope this helps,

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