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is a jrp worthwhile for my trip?

Is a JRP Worthwhile for my Trip?


I've put much thought and research into this, but I'm now getting mixed messages and wondered if anybody could lend some advice.

My itinerary is a little messy, as I couldn't figure how to arrive in Kansai airport and depart from Narita (this is my first holiday alone - or even without parents!).

Day 1: Arrive at Kansai and travel to hotel.
Day 2: Day in Kyoto (1)
Day 3: Day in Kyoto (2)
Day 4: Day in Kyoto (3)
Day 5: Check out of Kyoto - TRAVEL TO TOKYO
Day 6: Day in Tokyo (1)
Day 7: Day in Tokyo (2)
Day 8: Check out of Tokyo - TRAVEL TO KYOTO (I know >_<" )
Day 9: Fly Home.

I'm considering a trip to Nikko from Tokyo, and I've deliberately not planned so much for my time in Kyoto, so that I'm not rushing around - BUT I may venture out to surrounding areas whilst i'm there.

Could someone please confirm when I would need to activate a 7 day pass, and if it would even be cost effective, please? From my understanding (for example) if I were to activate my JRP at 23:00 on day## - that would count as a one of the 7 days, despite only having used it for an hour... in which case, am I right in thinking I'd best activate it on Day 2?

I hope this is clear. Any clarification and advise will be greatly appreciated, thank you!


Hi there,

Starting with the JR Pass, The 7 day JR Pass will help you make savings over purchasing normal train tickets. The pass itself is about the same price as a normal return ticket Tokyo - Kyoto using the Shinkansen. Any additional travel is basically what you would save. Such as to the Airport, local travel on the JR Network and a day trip to Nikko (one of my personal favorites places to visit). You could also make a day trip to Nara from Kyoto.

The JR Pass is indeed counted in days and the first day is counted as a full day no matter what time you start using it. So it makes sense to use it on the 2nd day if you arrive late.

Does that help?

PS: Don't worry about traveling alone. I did so too in Japan just after graduating high-school and had the best time there!

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Hi Daniel,

Thank you very much for you help :) !

I'll get on to ordering my pass ASAP in that case. I think I will look into a trip to Nara too - it did catch my eye whilst I was doing my research!

Thank you again,



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