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is a jr pass needed?

Is a JR Pass Needed?

I'm trying to decide if a JR Pass is needed for my trip. I am flying into Narita airport late afternoon/early evening and then plan on taking a train from the airport to Kyoto. I plan on staying in Kyoto a few days and then traveling back to Tokyo via train, before heading back to Narita to fly home. I will be spending a total of 9 days in Japan. I'm trying to determine if a JR Pass would be worth it - I want to make sure I have the most flexibility in departure times possible given than I am going from the airport in Tokyo to Kyoto.



Hi there,

The 7 day JR Pass can be a great option for your itinerary. The pass itself is about the same price as a normal return ticket Tokyo - Kyoto using the Shinkansen. Now you get unlimited travel for the same price and it is easy to make savings, even if you only cover a one way Tokyo - Narita Airport with it in addition to the Tokyo - Kyoto return.

Do keep in mind that it takes at least 4 hours of train travel from Narita Airport to Kyoto and trains stop before midnight. So be sure to check your arrival time before hand and train departures. The last train to Kyoto with the JR Pass departs around 18:48 from Narita Airport.

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