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is a 2-week jr pass needed for my itinerary?

Is a 2-Week JR Pass Needed for My Itinerary?

Hi Everyone! I am visiting Japan for about ten days during the winter. I was wondering if getting a 14-day JR Pass would be worth it, or if I should get a 7-day pass instead. In general, these are the major trips that I will make. Tokyo and Kyoto appear twice because I'll be joining different parties in different parts of my trip:

12/27 Kansai Airport - Osaka
12/28 Osaka
12/29 Osaka - Nara
12/30 Osaka - Kyoto
12/31 Osaka - Hiroshima - Miyajima
1/1 Osaka - Tokyo
1/2 Osaka - Kyoto
1/3 Kyoto - Kurama, etc
1/4 Kyoto
1/5 Kyoto - Tokyo
1/6 Tokyo
1/7 Tokyo
1/8 Tokyo - Narita Airport

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!


Hello there,

I think the best option here is to go for a 7 day JR Pass and use it to cover travel to Hiroshima, Kyoto and Tokyo. This will cover all expansive Shinkansen trips, then just buy normal tickets for local travel around the Kansai Area and the last couple days in Tokyo.

The rest looks very good, love the added visit to Kurama and Miyajima.

Hope this helps,

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Yes it does, Daniel-san. Thank you so much! And I'm glad that you like the stops to Kurama and Miyajima. I am very excited to see all these wonderful places.


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