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information about night trains to sapporo with jr pass

Information about night trains to Sapporo with JR Pass


I plan to travel to Sapporo on the 3rd of November, I have bought the JR Pass but I am finding it hard to get the information on how to take the JR train to Sappora. Is there a possibility to take a night train with the JR Pass to Sapporo ?

My final Itinerary is

Tokyo Arrival

Sappora (3days)

Kanazawa (2days)

Takayama (2days)

Tokyo (5days)

Osaka - Nagasaki - Osaka (12 days)
Ise jingu
Iga Ueno
Mount Koya

Fly out from Narita.

Is this Itinerary do able with the JR PASS ? Is there any other suggestions for the same

I will be in Japan for a total of 29 days and have bought a 21 day JR pass. I would like to cover most of the places mentioned in the itinerary within the date of expiry. I am thinking of buying the Kansai thru pass for the last leg of my trip, Can I buy the Kansai thru pass in japan and is it possible to buy 2 of them for 6 days ?

Finally what app should I download for the JR Trainlin, Buses and metro ?

Many Thanks

Hi there,

There are no longer any night trains going to Sapporo. The best way is to use the Shinkansen to Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto station and from there a traditional ltd. express train to Sapporo. The route is fully covered by the JR Pass.

You are allowed one Kansai thru pass per visit to Japan. For travel times, I recommend learning to plan with Hyperdia this way you can find any route/timetable and more. It's a great tool for planning with the JR Pass. We also have a useful interactive map with all JR lines included.

Additionally see:

Hope this helps,

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