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i think that the 7-day pass is best but....

I think that the 7-day pass is best but....

I just wanted to check!

I'm flying into Tokyo and heading direct to Kyoto on Day 1.
On Day 5 I'm travelling to Hiroshima.
On Day 6 I'm travelling to Fukuoka - Hakata
On Day 9 I'm travelling to Kyoto
On Day 10 I'm travelling to Tokyo.

Am flying out on Day 14.

Should I get a 7-day pass (activation on Day 4) or a 14 day-pass?



Hi Anne,

Shinkansen travel is by far the most expensive in Japan. You will be perfectly fine to use a 7 day JR Pass for your long distance travel and use local tickets for travel around Kyoto and Tokyo.

A 7 day JR Pass will give you amazing value for travel to Hiroshima, Hakata, Kyoto and Tokyo.

Hope this helps,

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