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how to go to kawaguchiko station from takayama?

how to go to kawaguchiko station from takayama?

hi there.. im still doin my intenerary and stuck at takayama to kawaguchiko as i google its take 7hour to get there.. but i still cant understand the route..

6hb - 7hb osaka
7-8hb april nara
8hb-11hb april kyoto - on 10th aprl i will activate our jr pass and go to okayama and kinosaki onsen

11hb -13hb april go to takayama but staying at shirakawago
13hb-14th april to kawaguchiko 14th-18th tokyo (my jr pass end on 16th april)

my quiery is.. how to go to kawaguchiko from takayama? its take 7hours?? because i want to spent more time at kawaguchiko on 13 to 14hb.. should we start to go on evening 12th to kawaguchiko and sleep at station.. is any onsen at kawaguchiko station that we can sleep over? thanks


Hi there,

I am afraid that it is a really long and complicated route, 7 ours of travel sounds about right with many transfers.

Using the JR Pass, you would travel as follows: Takayama - Nagoya - Shin-Yokohama - Hachioji - Otsuki - Kawaguchiko. The JR Pass covers all expect for the last part Otsuki - Kawaguchiko.

Here is an example in Hyperdia.

Hope this helps,

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