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how to go from okayama to naoshima island

How to go from Okayama to Naoshima Island

We are a couple about 80 years old. We intend to buy JR Rail Pass for our visit to Japan.
Now we need help how to go to by rail to Naoshima Island to visit the Art Museums there.
We are coming from Osaka to Okayama by rail.
How can we go further to Naoshima?
Which JR lines are the best and most convenient to take from Okayama?
There are ferries from both Uno and Takamatsu.
Which ferry do you recommend for us?
How long time does it take to go by rail from Okayama to Uno or Takamatsu?
Perhaps it is convenient to stay a night or two i Takamatsu?

This was a lot of questions. We are grateful if you can answer them!


Hi Kebe,

I think that you've already done most of the research. The easiest way from Okayama - Naoshima is to take a local train directly from Okayama - Uno and the Ferry from there. Ferries depart every 15min or so, so no need to wait for one.

Takamatsu is also a nice place to visit but does take a bit more time to get there. There is a very beautiful park/garden to walk around in. Called Rinritsu park and staying a day in Takamatsu is certainly a nice idea too.

Hope this helps,

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