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how to best maximize a 7-day jr pass with my draft itinerary

How to best maximize a 7-day JR pass with my draft itinerary


I wanted to check on how to best maximize a 7-day JR pass with the following itinerary:

Oct 29 9pm - Arriving Japan via Kansai International Airport then travel straight to Shinjuku Tokyo.
Oct 31 6pm - Leave Shinjuku to visit Mt. Fuji via Kawaguchiko.
Nov 1 - Leave Kawaguchiko then head straight to Osaka.
Nov 2 to Nov 4 - With Osaka as base, visit Kyoto and Narra.
Nov 5 - Osaka to Kansai International Airport.

Major attractions that we will be visiting are as follows:
Tokyo Disneyland
Asakusa Temple
Tsukiji Market
Mt. Fuji
Nara Park
Kyoto Imperial Palace
Nishiki Market
Osaka Castle
Universal Studios
Kuromon Market

Thanks in advance and forward to your insights! :)



Hi Mye,
That's quite a bit, you'll have a great time.
First of all, nothing against Osaka, but IMHO Kyoto neighborhoods are so much more interesting, and Kyoto has so many more amazing temples, I would stay there and take the train to / from Osaka for what needs doing there. And to KIX on your last day, there is a limited express train going from Kyoto into the airport terminal, and it only makes a couple of stops, so no reason to stay in Osaka for that reason. And you can get directly to Nara from Kyoto station as well.
Mt. Fuji is fantastic to view, and I hope you're aware that climbing outside of July - 15th September is strictly limited to organized groups with permits.
In Kyoto there are a couple of musts, including the Kinkakuji temple and the Ryoanji temple (the world's most famous rock garden) - and highly recommended after Ryoanji is to walk through an old neighborhood and to a great collection of temples located between Hanazonoteranonakacho and Hanazonoteranomaecho - you won't read this in any guidebook, nor see ANY tourists at all there. If you keep walking south a bit further you'll be able to take JR back to Kyoto Station from the Hanazono Station.
Just a couple of thoughts there. Have a great trip!


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