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how long does it take takayama to mt. koya

How long does it take Takayama to Mt. Koya

I was wondering if it were feasible to leave Takayama and arrive at Mt. Koya on the same day and still have time to arrive in time for dinner at 6pm (18:00). If so, how long does it take to travel from Takayama to Mt. Koya and which trains do I take and what times are the earliest and latest that I could leave Takayama? Thank you for your help, all feedback is welcome:)


Hi there,

Here is the complete route. The end station for Mt. Koya is Gokuraku-bashi, from where it is an other 30min or up the mountain with the ropeway.

The route all together is 6 and a half hour, so you should leave before 12.00 at noon, you could start the trip at 6 in the morning.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you Daniel-san, your answer was very helpful.


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