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So my wife and I are tieing the knot and will be honeymooning early Nov in Japan. We have our itinerary, loaded up but not sure if we should get a jrpass or should pay the fares. We are traveling from Narita airport to urayasu where we will be for two days. then to odaiba for two more days. more there we will leave to tokyo to vist, harajuku,shinjuku,and shibuya for about 4 days we then will be leaving to go to universal city in osaka and were hesitant on what to do. We also wanted to ask if its reccomended to stay in on area in tokyo as like a home base or travel in between our stops.

p.s any additional advise will be appreciated


Hi there,

Narita Airport, Urayasu, Harajuku, Shinjuku, Shibuya are all within easy travel from Tokyo. So it would make sense to base yourself somewhere in Tokyo to visit these places.

Osaka is quite a bit further and it may be nice to stay there when you visit. At the same time Osaka is within the Kansai Area and there are plenty of other great places to visit there. Think of Kyoto, Nara, Kobe, Himeji and even Kinosaki-Onsen.

A JR Pass is handy if you plan to return from Osaka to Tokyo or travel on somewhere else. However I would stick to purchasing normal tickets if you plan to fly out of Osaka.

Hope this helps,

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definitely does help, we planned on flying back out of tokyo but didn't think of Osaka airport as a option. In Tokyo we plan on then staying in one base hotel and then bounce around each day to new location and then back to the hotel so we will need to find a in between spot that's convenient. Even with all the travel will it still be smarter to use the jrpass or just to pay fairs


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