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hokkaido itinerary help

Hokkaido itinerary help


If we have 3-4 days to spare, traveling from Kyoto to Hakkaido takes about 1 day. Where would you recommend to stay? The travel period is 1st week of July. I heard that the Lavender field is a great scene, is 1st week of July a good time to visit there?

Also, I'm thinking since we'll travel from Kyoto to Hakkaido during the day, using the JR Rail pass, maybe we should stop over in Hakodate to spend the night there, then travel up to Sapporo or Furano, would you recommend staying in Sapporo or Furano? Is Hakodate a good place to stay and do a little sightseeing there?



Hi JF,

I think Furano will be a great place to stay in July - the lavender and flower fields will be approaching full bloom, and the town itself is very well equipped to deal with non-Japanese tourists.

If you're thinking of splitting your trip up, how about spliting your stay with a stay in Aomori and a visit to Lake Towada via the Towada-Hachimantai National Park? As Japan's deepest volcanic caldera lake, Towada-ko (lake Towada) is one of Aomori's most popular tourist spots. You'll have breathtaking views and lots of opportunities to venture off to hotsprings/hikes, especially in July.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you for your response, Mari.


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