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hokkaido itinerary 14 days

Hokkaido itinerary 14 days

Can someone kind enough to comment my 14 days in Hokkaido?
And if JR train is advisable?

Sapporo 31July -1Aug
Goryo Guesthouse 1 Aug- 3Aug
Sounkyo Youth Hostel 3 Aug- 5Aug
Teshikaga 5 Aug -7Aug
Kushiro 7 Aug- 9Aug
Toyako 9 Aug- 11Aug
Noberibersu 11Aug-12Aug
Otaru 12Aug-13Aug
Sapporo 13Aug-14Aug


Hi there,

The itinerary certainly works. What I am curious about is if you have researched each place you plan to visit already. For instance sounkyo is a beautiful place to visit. However you may find Kushiro boring if you don't have plans there, for instance visiting the Kushiro Shitsugen National Park? Otherwise I think visiting Hakodate instead may be a more interesting place to visit or Onuma National Park.

The JR Pass is valid in Hokkaido, you would have to do a significant amount of travel for it to pay off. There's also a JR Hokkaido pass in various options (which is a bit cheaper than a 7 day JR Pass) which may be a better option if you use one to cover the more expensive parts of your itinerary. If you would make a return Sapporo - Hakodate and make a full circle Hokkaido, then a 14 day JR Pass is a very good option.

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i heard Lake akan very famous in kushiro?


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