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hokkaido in june - hakodate, sapporo, otaru, furano, biei

Hokkaido in June - Hakodate, Sapporo, Otaru, Furano, Biei


I plan to go to Hokkaido in June next year, and had been scratching my head as to where to base myself and also whether it's possible to visit many cities during the trip.

I plan to be there for about 8 days from early to Mid June.

My rough plan is to fly into Hakodate from Haneda.

Day 1: Haneda --> Hakodate

Day 2: Hakodate

Day 3 Lake Toya

Day 4: Otaru

Day 5: Furano - Biei [i can't drive, so i will need to use the buses and trains, which seems to be infrequent]

Day 6-8: Sapporo

I have a bit of a headache thinking of how i will go around in Furano & Biei with the twinkle buses being available only on weekends during the time i'm there and only a few times a day.

Should i give up on Furano & Biei, and spend more time on Hakodate and include Noboribetsu instead? Or should i venture to other parts of Hokkaido? Open to other opinions...

Also Is it worth to get a JR Hokkaido pass for my kind of itinerary?


Hello there,

Have you considered taking the train from Tokyo - Hakodate? This because rail travel to Hokkaido is cheaper than flying, especially with the new Shinkansen opening to Hakodate in March 2016 and it will even be more economic if you use a 7 day JR Pass. From there you could also use the JR Pass for travel in the rest of Hokkaido and traveling without having to worry about a budget.

I've visited Biei in the past and its a very nice place, also access is not too hard. There's a bicycle rental at the station and you can just rent a bike and explore the area yourself without having to use any bus.

There is no point in buying a Hokkaido pass if you would only travel by rail up from Hakodate to Sapporo.

Hope this helps,

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