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Hokkaido check

I would go to Hokkaido in early May , I will take return flight between Narita Tokyo and Chitose Sapporo in day 1 (08.05.2013) and last day ( 17.05.2013) , my plan is :
Day 1 : Tokyo (flighgt) --> Sapporo (rail) --> Hakodate
Day 2,3 Hakodate
Day 4 From Hakodate (rail) --> Asahikawa
Day 5,6 Asahikawa
Day 7 From Asahikawa (rail) --> Sapporo
Day 8,9 Sapporo
Day 10 Sapporo --> Tokyo --> Sydney ( all flight)
I would like to know are any rail pass to use in this trip and the plan is ok?
Thank you in advance for your advices

Ba Tran
Ba Tran

Hi there,

Yes a JR Pass would be a great option for this, you could either buy the 7 day JR Pass or the a Hokkaido JR Pass for this. A Hokkaido rail-pass will be the most economic option, especially the 4-day flexible pass will be well suited for your plan.

Your plan looks fine to me, the only route that may be a little long is Hakodate Asahikawa, which takes a 350minutes or 5 hours and 50 minutes. So be sure to bring a good book or plan a stop between them.

Enjoy Hokkaido!

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