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I will be in southern Japan for 10 days with no travel arrangements needed. However, on Oct. 23rd, I organized an itinerary that has us traveling from Hiroshima (around 9 AM) to Kanazawa for an overnight stay before traveling to Kaga Onsen for two nights at a Ryokan. Following our stay there, I am thinking of taking the train to Nagano with an overnight stay before proceeding to Narita to catch a 5:10 PM flight home. We've been to Tokyo which is why we elected to go other places following the initial part of our trip when we will be with friends visiting Kyoto and points south.

Can you confirm that my assumption that we can use JP rail trains for all the segments is accurate. The schedule I looked at goes through Sept. Can I assume it will be the same for traveling in Oct.? I've done the math and it appears that a seven day pass will save us some money. Am I accurate? There is an earlier non-JP train out of Hiroshima (9:13) to Kanazawa but not using the JPass for that leg of the trip defeats the purpose of purchasing the 7 day pass. I would like your help in validating my assumptions before I go ahead and order the pass which I have already done once when I realized that not all bullet trains are part of the JP Rail System. Also, is it worth the expense to order a "green" pass given the number and the length of our trips on the rail?

Thanks so much.


Hi there,

I can confirm that the JR Pass will cover the full route from Hiroshima - Kanazawa - Nagano - Kyoto - Narita Airport. There are plenty of rail options before (9:13) Here is an example, all these are covered by the JR Pass.

A Green Pass is certainly nice for this route but definitely not a requirement. If you like train travel than you could consider the upgrade but if you prefer to spend it on a good Japanese meal, than that is a good option too.

Hope this helps,

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