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help with itinerary - using jrp to travel

Help with Itinerary - using JRP to travel


I am trying to finalize my itinerary and would really like help to see if I am being
realistic considering the distance and using JRP to travel between the various destinations.

I have 2 possible itineraries, but open to suggestions in order of the travel.
Could you please let me know if I should reconsider any of the following destinations or times I am giving myself?


Plan #1 – considers existing reservations
• Tokyo - March 27th - 31st • Kyoto - March 31st - April 4th - (side trip to Nara) • Hiroshima - April 4th – 5thh • Fukoka - April 5th -6th • Koyasan - April 6th-7th • Osaka - April 7th -9th • Hakone(Mt Fuji) - April 9th-10th • Tsumago/Magome - April 10th -11th • End up in Tokyo - April 11-13th

Plan #2
• Tokyo - March 27th - 31st • Kyoto - March 31st - April 4th - (side trip to Nara) • Hiroshima - April 4th – 5thh • Osaka - April 5th -6th • Shirakawago - April 6th-7th • Osaka - April 7th -8th • Koyasan - April 8th -9th • Tsumago/Magome - April 9th-10th • Hakone(Mt Fuji) - April 10th -11th • End up in Tokyo - April 11-13th


Hi there!

Personally I think that both plans are great! I am actually not sure which to pick. Do you have any preference yourself (except for the current reservations)?

Looking at routes traveled I think both work out well too, only in plan #1 would I switch Hakone and Tsumago around as it is easier to return to Tokyo from Hakone but this is only a minor part.

Either way a JR Pass would be of great help.

Have a great trip!


Sorry I also meant to ask, would a 7 day pass or 14 day be best? Would it be possible to also help on this please?

As well as a quick add on, would it make more sense to do instead

Tsumago - Shirakawago-hakone on 3 concecutive days?

thanks Danielsan!!!


Daniel i should have also asked, if i want to have one night in each of Tsumago, Shirakawago and Hakone and then on to Tokyo, I would assume Hakone last but what about the other two?


1) Shirakawago -->Tsumago--> Hakone
2)Tsumago--> Shirakawago --> Hakone

OR best to pop up to Shirakawago from osaka, then back down to Osaka (Itinerary #1 above)

and again if you could overall help with what makes sense a 7-day or 14- day appreciated


Hi Again!

I think that in both options a 14 day JR Pass would fit very well. You'd be making savings already just by visiting Fukuoka.

As for Shirakawago I think it would be best to either visit it as the first place or make a visit from Osaka to it. It's about 5 Hours travel from Tsumago and adding it in between Tsumago and Hakone would add a lot of unnecessary travel time.

Hope this helps too!


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