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help :(

Help :(

Hi there,
What pass should I purchase?
I will be land in Narita Airport and stay in Tokyo for the week, I won't be doing too many day trips. Maybe one or two around the north.
Then I will travel close to Osaka for a day or two, catch a plane to Okinawa and return to Kyoto. I will be staying in Kyoto for a week where I will be doing lots of trips, and then return to Tokyo and come back home.
Thank you


It doesn't look like a JR Pass would help you save money, according to your plans. The best plan for you would to pay the regular fare for Tokyo-Kansai-Tokyo - but in each area, you might save some money with some regional passes. Depending on your plans, a JR Kanto Area Pass or a JR East Pass might save you some money. For the Kansai area, there is the Kansai Area Pass and Kansai Area Wide Pass.

Good luck.


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