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hayabusa to hokaido (30 december)

Hayabusa to Hokaido (30 December)


We're arriving at 10AM to Narita. I've read about full booked trains on dates like 29,30,31 December.
Do we have chance to book seat places (or get standing tickets) on Hayabusa on 30 December?
If not, what should we do? Book whatever what tickets till Sendai for example. Maybe from there we have more chances to get on Hayabusa?

Sorry for my English, i guess i write correctly


Hi there,

It is hard for me to say, trains can be sold out around the new year period but there may also be space.

You can always use non-reserved Shinkansen all the way up to Shin-Aomori and get on a train from there, however this will take a lot more time.

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