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hankyu tourist pass 1 day

Hankyu Tourist Pass 1 Day

After days of planning on my itinerary, I found that Hankyu Tourist Pass(1 Day) is suite my itinerary from Kyoto to Kobe.
1). Omiya (Kyoto) to Sannomiya( Hankyu ) by Hankyu Kyoto Line Ltd Exp
2). Sannomiya to Juso(Osaka) to Ikeda( Takarazuka line) to Umeda(Hankyu)
3). Omiya to Umeda(hankyu) to Sannomiya by Hankyu Kyoto Line Ltd Exp and Hankyu Kobe Line Ltd Exp.

Here my questions:-

1). Hope some one can confirm whether this pass is valid for above itinerary travel and train names.

2). I planning to leave some luggages at either Juso, Umeda( Hankyu) or Sannomiya( Hankyu) before check in Osaka Hotel. Can anyone please advice whether is there left luggages area in the mentioned 3 train stations.

3) From Hyperdia, Is JR Sanin main Line and JR Sagano main Line the same train?


Hi there!

1.) I have not used this ticket myself but I think from what I read from the the official website that all lines are covered by this ticket.

2.) There are coin lockers available on every stop / station that you make. These coin lockers vary in size and some can accommodate suitcase sized packages. However I don't think that there is a manned luggage service available.

3.) Both are different lines, but a train may travel on both. I can give you some more information about the route if you tell me from where to where you wish to travel.

I hope this helps,

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Hi Daniel San

Here my plan:-

Arrive Kansai Airport to Kyoto using Haraku Express( 1 Day JR Pass ). Drop luggages off at Hotel

Tambaguchi Station to Enmachi to Saga Arashiyama. Return from Saga Arashiyama to Tambuguchi station.

Please advice which train to use. Also, can you confirm whether my JR pass( 1 Day) can cover also Tambaguchi to Saga Arashiyama.

You are very helpful Daniel-san. Appreciated very much.


Hi Again,

Yes your day pass does cover Tambaguch - Saga Arashiyama and trains travel there directly so you won't have to transfer somewhere.

Have a great time in Japan!

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