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Hi there

  1. I'll arrive at Haneda domestic airport from Hiroshima on Nov 1, 9:10 am. If I have 7 day JR Pass, I'll need to take a Tokyo monorail to Hamamatsucho, then to Tokyo station to get in a Shinkansen to Kyoto. Am I right? Can I reserve a Shinkansen seat immediately at Tokyo station?

  2. Upon my shinkansen arrival in Kyoto, can I use my JR pass to go to any hotel in Kyoto? Can I use the JR pass to travel within top attractions in Kyoto?

  3. Can I use my pass to travel Kyoto-Osaka? Can I use the pass to travel within Osaka?

  4. If I want to also visit Nara, can I use it to go Osaka-Nara? to travel within Nara?

  5. When I am going back to Tokyo, can I use the pass for shinkansen directly from Nara to Tokyo? Or I should go back to Osaka first?

  6. Lastly, can I make the maximum use of the pass to travel within Tokyo.

I thank you for your patient to answer my questions.



Hi DIdi,

1.) This is correct, you can already reserve tickets for the Shinkansen at Haneda airport.

2.) The JR Pass can be used for local JR trains around Kyoto, these cover mainly the east and south of Kyoto. You'll have to use other transport for the other parts.

3.) Yes and yes! Osaka has many local JR lines and you'll be able to travel nearly anywhere.

4.) Travel to Nara is also covered. Nara itself is very small so there's just one JR station. From there you can visit everything on foot or take a bus.

5.) Nara does not have a Shinkansen station, I would recommend returning to Kyoto station (theres a direct line) and then take the Shinkansen from there.

6.) Yes certainly! Just visiting Kyoto will pretty much pay for the JR Pass.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you very much Daniel-san. It will be really helping.


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