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Hi there and thank you for all the responses given to all the questions. Amazing responses.

My details are ..I fly into Haneda on 3.00 PM Wednesday 17 September.

(1) (a) then - after clearing customs - is it correct to board a monorail to Tokyo station. Does the (b) monorail require payment or is it courtesy/free?

On arrival at Tokyo station I look for the JR booth to validate my pass.
Once received, I understand I need to catch a JR train from Tokyo to Kyoto, but only a specific train.

(2) (a) what Is that train and is the departing platform easy to find? (b) Is there a requirement to booking a seat at that time of day, or do I just find a seat on the train and relax.

Once on the train I travel to the main station which is an easy walk (I understand) to the Kyoto Plaza in Mynami-Ku.

I'll have 3 nights and days to enjoy Kyoto.

On return on Sunday the 21st -

I'd like to be at Narita Airport by 3.00 am not sure what time to leave from Kyoto
(3) Do I just catch a train back to Tokyo ..and then find a JR train to Narita Airport.

Your advice would be much appreciated.

Thank you.


Hi there,

1 and 2.) This is almost correct, here are some extra things that are good to know. The monorail takes you from Haneda to Hamamatsucho station (the last stop for the Monorail) here you can transfer to the Yamanote line to Tokyo station. The monorail and yamanote line both need a ticket and the full ride is around 900yen. This is free if you have a JR Pass. You can validate your JR Pass directly at Haneda Airport and get train tickets at the same time. I would recommend making seat reservations for the Shinkansen Tokyo - Kyoto but you can do this even 5 minutes before departure. However you can also just hop on the train and take a non reserved seat.

3.) To return to Narita Airport, first take the Shinkansen (bullet train) back to Tokyo station and transfer to the Narita Express here. The entire trip takes about 4-5 hours, including transfer, so plan ahead.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you for this advice and the specific extra steps you've shared.
I would probably have wondered about somewhat lost without your clarity.

I have a JR pass for 7 days based on your previous advice and calculations so will present and validate at Haneda Airport.

I will also follow your advice and reserve a seat on the Tokyo-Kyoto (Hikari?) Shinkansen.

On return - great timing advice, so will book in advance and arrive into Narita early.
Many thanks.



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